This is the ultimate list of what sugar gliders can eat. The list consists of over 100 food types that sugar gliders can eat, and some which they can not eat.

Can sugar gliders eat bananas?

What can sugar gliders eat?

Yes, Sugar gliders can eat bananas, and they enjoy doing so, too! In addition, bananas are a great fruit to include in their diet. 

Bananas are low in calories and fat and are also a good source of potassium, vitamins C, B6, and, most importantly, fiber. Most sugar gliders love having a bite of this fruit. However, be sure to remove the peel before feeding them as they can be harmful to your pet.

can sugar gliders eat grapes?

Yes, sugar gliders can eat grapes. There is no conclusive evidence that grapes can cause any harm or adverse reaction to sugar gliders, however, it’s best not to feed the grape skins/seeds to them as they can cause harm and unwanted reaction. Grapes and other fruits should be fed moderately and infrequently. 

can sugar gliders eat strawberries?

Yes, sugar gliders can safely eat strawberries. Strawberries are low in calories and fat, which is good news, nutrition-wise, to your glider. 

In addition, strawberries also contain high amounts of vitamin C and other essential vitamins and minerals, thus making them a good healthy food for gliders. 

Make sure you wash it and cut off the crown before feeding it through.

can sugar gliders eat tomatoes? Can sugar gliders eat cherry tomatoes?

Yes, sugar gliders can eat tomatoes. Tomatoes are a low-calorie, low-fat vegetable ( and to some, fruit, depending on who you ask) that contains many essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Most importantly, tomatoes are a healthy source of fiber that aids in digestion and general gut health. All in all, they are a great food to include in your glider’s diet, as long as you feed them fresh and not canned.

Make sure you wash the fruits (or vegetables) properly to remove all pesticides and cut them into pieces before feeding them to your gliders, and you’re good to go! You might also consider giving them cherry tomatoes, they are very small and perfect for your little glider to hold in their little paws. This means that sugar gliders can eat cherry tomatoes!

can sugar gliders eat blueberries?

Yes, sugar gliders can eat blueberries without any problem or health risks. In fact, it’s a great fruit to add to their diet. Sugar gliders like them because of their sweetness and they are a good source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients. They are also pretty low in total calories and fat.

can sugar gliders eat watermelon?

Yes! Sugar gliders can eat watermelon, they are healthy and are packed with a lot of vitamins and minerals. However, be sure to offer them only the inside, and ensure to remove the seeds and cut off the outer rind before giving it to them. If your sugar gliders don’t like watermelon, don’t worry. Not every sugar glider will go crazy for watermelon.

can sugar gliders eat carrots?

Yes! Sugar gliders eat carrots without any harm. however, you should only feed them fresh carrots. Never serve canned carrots.

It’s vital you wash your carrots well before feeding and if you can, buy organic carrots so you don’t accidentally feed your furry friend pesticides.

Carrots are high in oxalates, which makes it more difficult to track the calcium to phosphorus ratio of sugar gliders. Therefore, it is critical to offer them carrots only moderately and infrequently.

can sugar gliders eat cucumbers ?

Yes, sugar gliders can cucumbers safely and without any adverse effects. However, like many other fruits and vegetables, make sure to wash the skin so it is free of wax and pesticides. Like most non-conventional sugar glider food, don’t overdo it. Sugar gliders can also safely consume cumcumber skin and seeds too.

can sugar gliders eat oranges?

Sugar gliders can eat oranges and orange peels. But they should do so infrequently and in moderation, most especially orange peel. If you plan to feed it to your sugar glider, be sure to thoroughly wash the orange peel before feeding it to your gliders.

As with most fruits and vegetables, do not feed your sugar glider their canned variety, such as canned oranges. 

can sugar gliders eat pineapple? 

Can sugar gliders eat pineapple? The answer is an absolute yes. Sugar gliders can eat pineapple, but please remove the peel and stem before offering it to your gliding pet. Moderation is required when feeding pineapples to sugar gliders, too.

can sugar gliders eat celery?

Sugar gliders can eat celery without any health problems. There is no harm in feeding your glider some of this vegetable as long as it is part of a balanced diet, fed in moderation, and not too often. Celery is very low in calories, so there is little risk of your glider overeating it. In addition, it is a great source of fiber, antioxidants, and vitamin C. 

can sugar gliders eat avocado?  

Avocado fruit is good for sugar gliders and does not harm them when it is consumed. Avocadoes are not toxic but should be fed sparingly because of their high-fat content. When feeding avocados to your sugar glider, it is important not to give them the skin, pit, leaves from the tree, or the tree bark.

can sugar gliders eat wax worms?

Yes, sugar gliders can eat wax worms, but you may need to be especially careful how you feed them to your sugar gliders. Because of their high-fat content, wax worms should not be fed to sugar gliders very often but offering it to them as a special treat is perfectly safe.

can sugar gliders eat zucchini?

Yes! Sugar gliders can eat zucchini in moderation. Be sure to wash your zucchini before handing it to your sugar glider. Better than washing zucchini, peel it to make sure you don’t accidentally feed your furry companion pesticides that come with it. If you can, buy organic zucchinis from trusted produce sellers so you don’t have to worry about pesticides at all!

As with all produce, avoid feeding sugar gliders with canned zucchini.

can sugar gliders eat banana chips?  

Since you know that sugar gliders can safely eat bananas, it’s natural to wonder, can sugar gliders eat banana chips? Although banana chips are made from bananas, they’re not whole fruits or food. banana chips are highly processed snacks that humans love, but they’re not entirely safe nor harmful to feed your pet are they contain a higher sugar concentration, and thus would cause more harm than good. Sugar gliders can eat banana chips if they absolutely must, but it HAS to be fed very rarely.

can sugar gliders eat cheese?  

In case you do not know, sugar gliders are lactose intolerant- you can not offer them any dairy or milk product. So, no, sugar gliders can not eat cheese, regardless of the cheese type.

Can sugar gliders eat chocolate?  

Sugar gliders should not eat chocolate. All chocolate products contain high amounts of (artificial) sugar and fat, which are not suitable for the glider’s health. 

Many chocolate and chocolate products contain dairy ingredients which can be devastating for sugar gliders. In addition, these products contain theobromine, a compound that is, again, quite toxic to sugar gliders and can be fatal if ingested. Therefore no matter what you do, do not offer chocolate to sugar gliders; even the smallest amount is not suitable as a food or snack for them.

Can sugar gliders eat marshmallows?

Despite this cute furry’s name, artificial sugars and sugar gliders don’t make a good match. They can eat it; if you, as the pet owner, offer it. However, it’s your job to decide what to offer to your gliders and what to avoid. Can sugar gliders eat marshmallows? Sure they can, but SHOULD THEY? ABSOLUTELY NOT. 

As a treat, a once-in-a-blue-moon treat is barely ok, but it won’t kill them. Frequency is what matters a lot.

Can sugar gliders eat peanut butter?

Peanut and peanut butter are undoubtedly excellent sources of protein. 

The debate whether or not sugar gliders can consume peanut butter has been a heated one since sugar gliders became a home pet. You’ll get confused trying to follow it. However, here’s the summary.

Can sugar gliders eat peanut butter? It DEPENDS.

If you’re referring to an organic one or fresh homemade peanut butter, then it’s a YES; it is safe for your pet sugar glider to consume. 

Keep in mind that peanut butter contains a lot of oil and hydrogenated vegetable fats, which can cause your sugar glider to gain weight, especially those you purchase from stores.

Avoid commercial peanut butter brands that contain xylitol – an artificial sweetener known to be toxic to many pets.

Can sugar gliders eat superworms?

Yes! Sugar gliders can eat superworms; they come packed with vital vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to gliders and many small pets. Superworms are a great addition to your sugar glider’s diet, though we recommend offering it to them sparingly as a treat because of their high-fat content. 

Can sugar gliders eat baby food?

Question regarding baby food and sugar glider is yet another controversial one. But we’ll summarize it for you.

Can sugar gliders eat baby food? The answer: Yes, sugar gliders can safely eat baby food, but you should take proper care of what kind and what ingredients are in it. Although baby foods or baby formulas are meant for safe human-baby consumptions, some of them may not be safe for sugar gliders. Particularly, those that include onion or garlic as part of their ingredients; Should never feed these to gliders. Baby foods add variety to sugar gliders’ diet, and we recommend only using STAGE 1 or 2 baby foods for them. Oats, rice, and fruit-flavored baby food are ok; even chicken and turkey are perfectly safe.

Here’s some top baby food that you can safely feed your gliders

Can sugar gliders eat cat food?

Yes, Sugar gliders can safely eat cat food. Cat foods can easily take care of sugar gliders’ protein need because they have a high protein content since they make them primarily for cats. This is especially true for dry cat foods. 

Although it is safe to feed cat foods to sugar gliders, you should not do so often. Once or twice a month will do, or when there’s no other feeding option. 

Can sugar gliders eat dry cat food?

Yes, sugar gliders can eat dry cat foods. Dry cat food can be used as a source of protein for your gliders but should be used with caution. These foods are not designed for sugar gliders and may not meet your pet’s nutritional needs.

Can sugar gliders eat cinnamon?

Yes, sugar gliders can eat cinnamon. However, the right question should be: Should sugar gliders have cinnamon? No, they should not.

Avoid most spices and seasonings when feeding sugar gliders. Though a LITTLE might not hurt once or twice a month. 

Can sugar gliders eat dubia roaches?  

Yes, sugar gliders can eat dubia roaches, and they love them too. 

To prevent calcium deficiency in gliders, we recommended that live, adult Dubia roaches should be fed a calcium-rich diet (also referred to as “gut-loaded”) or dusted with calcium before being offered to gliders. In addition, You should provide larval forms of dubia roaches (mealworms, wax worms) only at a minimum.

Controversially, although feeding dubia roaches to gliders is safe, some sugar glider owners prefer to cut the spikey legs off, feeding them to their pets. Dubia roaches are widely available and the go-to option for many small pet owners because the roaches do not smell, climb, come in different sizes, and can be shipped virtually anywhere around the world.

Some of the benefits of feeding dubia roaches to gliders include:

  • better meat to shell ratio
  • better protein source 
  • less fat

Stay tuned for more updates!