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How To Rehome A Chinchilla

What is to “re-home a chinchilla?” Rehoming chinchilla means transferring it to a different home to be cared for by a different owner. Putting your chinchilla up for adoption is not always a preferable option, but should you feel that you are unable to give it the care it deserves, then it is the better decision. It’s not easy to do for owners who have come to love their pet, but it is much harder for the chinchilla which has become bonded with the owner.

Steps to Rehoming Your Chinchilla

Advertising for Adoptee 

The best and most ideal thing to do is to seek out someone, preferably a friend or an acquaintance who is willing to care for it as much as or more than you. In the event that such people are not available, you will have to place classified ads in hopes of re-homing your chinchilla properly. You can place such advertisements in newspapers, magazines and even online. Have them placed in the section designated for exotic animals or pets. 

Be sure to include information on whether or not an adoption fee is inclusive. The starting price of such fees usually being at $50.00 but setting a slightly higher number can help you rule out freebie seekers or cheapos. Most people who opt for the least price, regardless if proper paperwork or adoption fees are included, are doing it for personal gains like reselling them to others. 

Importance of Adoption Fees 

The reason why adoption fees are important is that it will help you determine if the candidate is financially capable of caring for such an exotic pet. Chinchillas are delicate pets and will need proper routine care as well as occasional visits to the veterinarian. A specialist or candidate with honest intentions will understand the need for such fees and the financial support required in caring for a chinchilla. 

On Picking Out Candidates 

There is no harm or offense in finding out whether a candidate has been taking care of chinchillas for a while or is new to it. It’s difficult to determine if a person is a responsible pet owner if he or she has not had any pets yet. If the candidate does own a pet or two, you can ask about how they care for or nurture their pets. If the person has been taking care of chinchillas, ask about the type of food he/she uses to feed the pets and the nature of their cages. 

Testing the Waters 

If you do find someone who seems eligible, make sure to mention the brand of pellets and hay you use to feed your chinchilla with. There are chances that he/she doesn’t use the same type of food. It is important to impart the new owner with the knowledge of how to care for your chinchilla, in particular, what your pet has grown used to. Before things are finalized, you will have to personally visit the new pet owner’s home. You will have to determine if the environment is clean enough, peaceful and comfortable for your pet chinchilla. 

If it helps, you can test the waters by bringing your chinchilla with you to see if it will acclimatize with the place. If by any chance something seems off with the new place, you can always seek elsewhere. After all, it is the well-being of your pet chinchilla that is in question and at utmost priority.

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