how much do ferrets new cost

how much do ferrets new cost

How much do ferrets cost? How much money is a ferret cost? what’s the average cost of keeping a pet ferret? This article will give you an idea into the cost of buying, how much money is a ferret as a pet, and the cost of raising a pet ferret of your own.

How much money is a ferret? How Much Do Ferrets Cost?

How much does a ferret cost? This seems like a much simpler question than it actually is. Generally, if you purchase a ferret from a pet store the cost is about $100.00 or so, but there are a lot of other hidden costs that aren’t included in the purchase price, some of which you may not find out about till months or even years later. Some of these costs include;

Vet bills -How much do ferrets cost? 

Sadly the average life span for a ferret is between 4 – 7 years. Most ferrets are prone to cancer and illnesses like insulinoma and adrenal disease. These can be costly to diagnose and treat. Usually, a whole range of blood tests is ordered ($50 or $100 each) along with an ultrasound, which can cost over $500. Sometimes exploratory surgery will be recommended, along with other expensive tests, so be prepared.

Of course, some of these illnesses can be prevented by feeding your ferret a good diet, but even ferrets in perfect health still need yearly vaccinations, and all too often their curiosity will land them in life-threatening situations that require medical care. Hopefully, your home will be properly ferret proofed so your ferret will never have to face such a terrible ordeal, but it is still a good idea to have some money saved just in case.

If you can manage to put away $500 -$1000 per year (which hopefully you will not need to use) then by the time your ferret is 3 or 4 years old you should be able to handle any illnesses that arise.

Ferret food –How much do ferrets cost? – How much money is a ferret’s feeding cost?

A very high quality, high protein ferret food like Wysong’s Ferret Epigen 90 will cost in the area of $30.00 per ferret per month.

There are cheaper brands that are about $55.00 for a 5 or 6 month supply, but you have to keep a lookout and make sure that they don’t contain cornmeal and other carbohydrates which are not very good for ferrets.

Ferrets are healthiest when they eat a diet almost entirely of meat and fat, with only very small amounts of plants (like what would be found in the digestive tract of a mouse for instance). Ferrets fed this way in other countries live much longer.

Of course, a lot of ferret owners choose to feed their ferret a combination of two foods so that there is some variety in the diet. This is a good idea. Not only does it cut down on the high cost of feeding your ferret a high protein diet, but it stops your ferret from becoming too dependant on one brand. Some ferrets will get used to one food and refuse to eat anything else. This can be a problem if the brand suddenly becomes unavailable.

For more information about, we got you covered with our “what can ferrets eat?” article. This articles will answer the question How much money is a ferret’s feeding cost.

A Cage -How much do ferrets cost?

Ferret cages are priced according to size and range anywhere from $100 – $300. Personally I feel ferrets should only be put in cages when they are going to sleep, or on occasions when it’s necessary for their safety, like when you have company, or when you are doing housework.

How long do ferrets sleep? Ferrets are only awake about 4 hours a day but during those 4 hours, they are supercharged and want to play, they spend the rest of the time sleeping. If your ferret will have to spend even one of these “awake hours” inside his cage make sure it’s big enough for him to climb and run around in.

A pet carrier -How much do ferrets cost?

a pet carrier is necessary for when you have to take your ferret to the vet. You can get a nice simple fabric pet carrier to hold or wear across your chest for as low as $15.00, while some really nice ferret carriers are more like baby strollers with wheels and can sell for as much as $100.00 each.

Did we answer your question “how much do ferrets cost?” or How much money is a ferret cost?I hope this article gives you a glimpse into the cost of raising a ferret