Bearded Dragon – Facts, Feeding, Caging and Care

Bearded Dragon Care Sheet Why “bearded” dragons? These reptiles have fleshy appendages below their jaws, which they can expand when irritated. When fully inflated, this appendage resembles a beard. In the wild, bearded dragons are tan and gray with a circular, striped, or barred pattern on their backs and spiny scales. Selective breeding [...]

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Ferret General FAQs

General ferret faqs How can I tell whether my ferret is male or female? Males have what looks like a “belly button” on their lower abdomen. Also, females have 2 small openings under their tail, and males only have one. If you need to double-check, just check the litter box after the ferret [...]

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Tips for Breeding Chinchillas – What you need to know before

What You Need To Know Before Breeding Chinchillas Breeding Chinchillas Tips Breeding chinchillas involves a lot more than simply putting a male and female together in the same cage. In taking that approach you put the health of the chinchillas at risk as well as the health and well-being of any [...]

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Small Pet Animal Enrichment Tips and Ideas

Small Animal Enrichment Tips and Ideas Guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, rats and other “small furries” are naturally very active and inquisitive animals. They like to keep themselves busy, and when allowed, spend the majority of their time running around and investigating their surroundings. “Small furries” are often misunderstood, possibly because many [...]

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Complete Hedgehog Facts, #1 Best site For Tips and Information

Hedgehog facts - hedgehog eating Is A Hedgehog For You? When people first encounter a hedgehog at the pet store, they are usually smitten by their cute appearance and want to purchase one as their own immediately. There are a couple of things which you will need to know before making such a [...]

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Complete Sugar Gliders Facts & Tips – #1 Best site for Sugar Glider Information

sugar glider picture What is a Sugar Glider? - Sugar Gliders Facts Sugar Gliders are small mammals native to the rainforests of Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia. Weighing between 90-150 grams and measuring 6-8 inches length-wise, they are common household pets. They can fit in to your pocket and can be easily carried [...]

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Complete Hamster Facts|Tips|Information- Best #1 Hamster Lovers’ Site

What are the Types of Hamsters! There are two different types of hamsters, and each offers various issues to deal with. Syrian hamsters are the largest and easiest to handle. They are solitary animals and cannot be housed together.   The Russian dwarf, and other dwarf breeds, are becoming more popular. These smaller [...]

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