Guinea pig dragging back legs – Reasons, care and other hind leg problems treatment

You woke up and went to your guinea pig's hutch to carry out the daily routine, and alas, you see your guinea pig dragging back legs as they walk, you start panicking and wondering whether he/she is paralyzed. This article will discuss the reasons behind your guinea pig dragging hind legs, and possible [...]

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What Can Gerbils eat? 100+ list of safe and harmful food

When it comes to what gerbils can eat, the best secret to keeping your pet healthy is replicating their natural environment in their current captive environment. This means your pet needs an enclosure designed to mimic their wild habitat, sights, and sounds included. The same is true of their diet. So, what can [...]

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Can bearded dragons eat strawberries

Whether served with crêpes, ice creams, salads, or solely as a jam, strawberries are a delicious treat for people everywhere. You may be wondering if your beard will enjoy this versatile fruit as much as you do. Are they safe for our reptilian bearded pets? Can bearded dragons eat strawberries without any issues? [...]

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