Chinchilla pet owners know that the usual water-washing of pets is not an option for chinchillas. Instead, they take dust baths, that is, to roll around in dust enclosed in a container, similar to the volcanic ash found in their natural habitat in the Andes of South America. So, what are the best chinchilla dust bath house in 2021?

This article will discuss the two types of chinchilla bath houses, closed and open variants. 

If you’re the type of pet owner that would like to have an unrestricted point of view of your chinchillas bathing acrobatic moves and won’t mind the mess or the dust that’ll fill the air, then an open bath house is what you want.

The other type is the closed bath house, meant for those who can’t afford to have a dirty floor and dust-filled air in the aftermath of their pet’s dust bathing, perhaps, because they’re suffering from chinchilla allergy.

Let’s find out.

Closed-style chinchilla bath house

Chinchillas are large rodents approaching the size of a small rabbit. Both species of chinchillas, the long-tailed and the short-tailed chinchillas can range from nearly 9 inches to 19 inches. Their weight can vary from just over a pound to three pounds.

When chinchilla pet owners bathe them, they place them into a container (known bath house) filled with dust or sand and let the chinchillas roll around in it; the chinchilla community refers to this as “taking a dust bath.” 

We recommended that you should bathe your chinchilla once or up to three times a week or even up to five times a week if you have seasonal humidity or live in a humid climate. It is best to reduce the number of baths in dry winters or dry environments. The reason for this reduction is that bathing dust can dry out your chinchilla’s skin.

Although sand baths are part of caring for your chinchilla, you may enjoy watching your little furball take a bath. They roll and dive into their sand with their noses and then shake their bodies like a dog would after a bath. The only difference is that you won’t get splashed or wet.

I know that you, as a chinchilla owner, already know the size of your chinchilla, and purchasing the best chinchilla dust bath house that perfectly fits your pet is the ultimate goal. We found that too many of them were either too small or downright unpractical during our research for the perfect bathing house for Chinchillas.

I have tried to list only baths that are suitable for any chinchilla size.

Kaytee Chinchilla Bathroom – Best chinchilla dust bath house

Dimensions: 9 inches long, 9-1/4 inches or 23.5 cm wide, 8-1/2 inches or 21.5 cm high.

This Kaytee Dusty Bathroom is an excellent choice for your chinchilla. It is completely enclosed, except for a front opening made for your chinchilla to enter and exit the house. Since this bath house is completely enclosed, your chinchilla won’t make a mess when taking his bath.

The bathroom is made of durable acrylic plastic and is available in a variety of colors – randomly chosen and shipped by the seller. It fits just right for a medium-sized chinchilla. It has two hooks on the back that will allow you to hang it from your chinchilla’s cage, depending on the size of the cage. This will prevent it from moving around during your chinchilla’s bath time. You will still need to remove the bath after bath time is over.

best chinchilla dust bath house


  • Contains dust
  • See-through for easy viewing


  • Smaller for larger chinchillas
  • It comes as one piece, making it relatively more challenging to clean than two-piece models.

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Catherson chinchilla sand bathhouse

Dim: 9.6 inches or 24.5 centimeters long, 7 inches or 17.7 centimeters wide, 7.1 inches or 18 centimeters high.

The Catherson Sand Bath House is perfect for your chinchilla to take a dust bath in. Chinchillas love their dust baths. It features a transparent design, allowing you to see your chinchilla and enabling it to move freely inside while dust bathing.

The lightweight house is made of durable plastic that is non-toxic and free of harmful substances for pets. Its two-piece design allows for separate storage and cleaning. There is also a flap to help keep the bath dust out, but it can be removed if your chinchilla doesn’t like being enclosed inside. It comes in blue or pink.


  • Two-piece design for easy cleaning and storage
  • Keeps dust out
  • See-through so you can see your chinchilla take a bath


  • Made of plastic and more pose a treat since chinchillas may chew on the edges.
  • Some chinchillas may not like the entry/exit flap.

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Lixit 30-0189-006 Totoro Dry Bath

This bath is made of durable plastic. It is easy to take apart and clean. This bathroom is bigger than it looks and just the right size for your chinchilla to take a bath. Some chinchillas like to sit in the tub longer than you would like. The top is made so that you can easily remove your chinchilla when you need to. The design also helps keep dust and debris to a minimum. The design allows you to watch your chinchilla bathe.


  • Two-piece, detachable design for easy cleaning
  • Spacious
  • Contains dust
  • Budget-friendly


  • The top may come off easily.
  • It May not contain as much dust as some people need
  • Unstable in some cases

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Trixie sand bath for chinchillas

Dim: 10.5 inches or 27 cm x 7 inches or 18 cm x 6 inches or 16 cm

The sturdy plastic bath is just suitable for your chinchilla. It’s spacious enough to put their bath sand in. It can be separated for easy cleaning.

best chinchilla dust bath house


  • Budget-friendly
  • Reduces dust spills
  • Easy to clean


  • Plastic so chinchillas can chew
  • Dust can be sifted between the two pieces.
  • Sides may be too high for smaller or older chinchillas

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Bonus – make-shift bath house – Homemade

Your cookie jar – turned into a bath house!

Comes in various sizes. The one pictured above is 8 inches or 20 centimeters by 8 inches or 20 centimeters.

One option for a dust house is a regular slanted cookie jar! I bet you never thought about it.

This is a good idea if you happen to have a larger chinchilla. You have many size options to choose from.

These containers are a good choice because they are heavy, and your chinchilla will not tip it over. It’s made of glass, so your chinchilla can’t chew, and in the version shown, its angled design makes it easy for your chinchilla to get in and out.

One of the best parts for you as a chinchilla owner is that this makes it easier to watch your chinchilla having fun in the bath. The clear glass provides you with the perfect view.

Check the size before buying, and of course, do not get rid of the lid because, who knows, the jar might come in handy someday?

best chinchilla bath house


  • Heavy glass, won’t tip over.
  • Clear and easy to see
  • Tilted opening for easy access
  • Multiple sizes
  • Contains dust


  • Sides may be too high for smaller or older chinchillas

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Best chinchilla dust bath house Open-style designs

Open-style chinchilla dust bath houses are, in reality, sand bath houses. However, these sand bath houses are well built and have enough space to fit in an adult chinchilla; this is also one of the best chinchilla wooden dust bath houses around.

The PINVNBY Chinchilla Sand Bath House


  • Housing: 11.6 inches (28cm) long, 8.1 inches (20.50cm)wide, and 4.9 inches (12.50cm) high.
  • The ladder is 6.1 inches (15.50cm) long and 3.1 inches (7.9cm) wide

The PINVNBY Chinchilla Sand Bath is made using pet-safe, non-toxic materials with no (visible) nails. It’s made of high-quality birch wood, which gives it a super sturdy look and feels. Chinchillas love to bit woods around their cages, so each corner is polished-smooth, removing sharp edges and making it easier for your chinchilla to chew. 


  • The bath house has a hiding place under to wooden roof, where your animal can nap after a bath and feel more homely to your pet. 
  • A small bowl to place chinchilla food situated on the roof.
  • It also has a ladder to easy access to the roof for snacking.


This is more on handling con depending on where you live; some buyers reported receiving damaged parts causing during delivery.

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Best chinchilla bath house for big chinchillas

This bath house is specifically made for large chinchillas. if you’re a chinchilla owner, you’d know about the limited choices available for bath houses for adult chinchillas or large chinchillas.

This bath house takes that crown without any fuss.


  • It features enough rolling room for an adult or large chinchilla during dust bath.
  • It has a movable and (removable, with some work) cover that can effectively prevent dust particles from filling the surrounding air during their bath time, making it’s a good bath house for people allergic to chinchillas.
  • Like many other bath houses around, this one also has a clear body to see your cute chinchilla in action.


  • Depending on how big your chinchilla is, it may need some help getting into the bath house.

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Final Thoughts on Best Chinchilla Bath House 2021

These are the best chinchilla dust houses around in the market this 2021.

Fortunately, we hope to have covered all there is, including the large chinchilla dust houses and open-styled chinchilla bath houses. 

I hope this will at least help you understand what your fuzzy rodent needs.

Remember always to remove your chinchilla’s bath after it is finished.